Thursday, 7 June 2012

A Souvenir

When I'm working on a project, the fabric sits in a big basket which my grandparents gave me. This sits next to one of our sofas, and can conveniently be seen from the other sofa where we normally sit to eat/watch TV/do life. I love being able to glance in that direction and enjoy the pretty fabric :) Particularly if I'm working on a gift so I know it won't be around forever.

I did this with the doll quilt fabric and found that I really missed the fabric when it was gone! So I decided to make myself a souvenir:

I'm quite proud of myself with this one. I didn't particularly use a tutorial, just used a mix of ideas I've either already tried or read about. It was a little fiddly, but definitely worth the effort!

There are however two problems with this pin cushion:
  1. Having two layers of fabric in the middle means the pins don't slide in very easily
  2. It feels more than a little strange stabbing a heart every time you put in a pin!
I can definitely live with it though :)

In the interest of honesty, I'll show you the back. I'll blame the stretchy blue fabric for the less-than-central positioning! 

I think I might start doing this regularly - making a small project with the fabric from a big project I've given away. I love the idea of making a quilt like this one day which contains all the fabrics I've ever used. That's quite a way off now though!

PS The fabric basket was tidied recently which meant it wasn't full enough for me to see the fabric from my sofa. Does this mean I should un-tidy it?!


  1. Buy more pretty fabric so the basket is overflowing again!

  2. definitely buy more! also, i love the idea of a quilt of all used fabric! I've only really made one proper thing so far, but already partially planning that!

  3. Well technically the basket is only emptier since I've put the pretty fabric elsewhere... but hey, I won't pass up on an opportunity to buy more!
    Ineke - maybe in 5 years we'll both be making one
    Rhea - thanks!