Saturday, 8 June 2013

Cushions and Pyjamas

Hi everyone :) I'm popping in to show you a couple of little projects I started and finished recently. I somehow ended up finishing these two projects and the Mushroom Houses quilt (more on that in a later post) all in one weekend. It was a little hectic! But good fun.

The first project was a cushion for my lovely mum-in-law. It was her 60th birthday recently and to celebrate we had a holiday in the Alps in France together, along with assorted family members including our gorgeous nephews, who are now 2! I thought I'd make a little something for her to remember the holiday by, so I started off with a little mountain scene:


And turned it into a cushion:

This means I've finally got over my fear of making cushions! I made a practice one first, and took the opportunity to also practice free motion quilting:

I was pretty proud of it! I still need a lot of practice befire attempting it on a full quilt, but I'm hoping it won't be too long before I can manage it.

The other project was a second pair of Lego pyjamas. This time round they were for my dad.

Here are my hubby and my dad together:

Fun times :) I'll be popping in again soon to show you the finished Mushroom Houses quilt, along with the start of a new project. See you soon!

I'll be linking up to Finish It Up Friday when it comes around :)