Saturday, 24 November 2012

Appliqué for Men

Hi all! Long time, no see. Life's been busy. Anyway, today I bring you the Patchwork and Pins guide to 'what to do if someone else buys your husband the same present you'd bought him and gives it to him first'.

Step 1 (optional):
Get all worried/stressed/pull your hair out.

Step 2:
Put together the fact that your husband likes Lego and you like appliqué and start to come up with a master plan.

Step 3:
Remember that he needs new pyjamas. Develop the master plan.

Step 4:
Buy pyjamas. Optional extra - for bonus points - make pyjamas. Wasn't gonna happen for me!

Step 5:
a. Check fabric shops for bright yellow material.
b. Discover cheap fabric shop has bright yellow material, but it's very thin.
c. Assume expensive fabric shop will have bright yellow material and speed-walk across town after work to get to it before it closes.
d. Find expensive shop has no bright yellow material.
e. Run across town back to cheap fabric shop.
f. Buy material and matching thread.
Alternative method - go to cheap fabric shop and buy fabric and thread.

Step 6:
Create a Lego version of your husband's head using this website.

Step 7:
Do some satin stitch.

Step 8:
Remember how much you hate satin stitch.

Step 9:
Remeber how much you love your husband.

Step 10:
Do more satin stitch.

Step 10:
Appliqué lego head onto pyjama pocket. Realise this will sew up the pocket but decide not to worry as pyjama pockets not known for usefulness.

Step 11:
Spend a large amount of time searching the internet for a side-view of a square Lego block. Find none. Take your own photo.

Step 12:
Zoom in on the photo on your camera and measure the distances. Multiply by three to make lego brick template.

Step 13:
Appliqué lego block onto back of pyjamas.

Step 13:
Give pyjamas to husband. You now have a very happy husband!


Coming up next week: the Patchwork and Pins guide to 'how to buy a flat, get ready for Christmas, finish two quilts and hold down a full time job at the same time'. Well, if I figure out how to do it anyway...

See you soon!

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  1. Aw, very cute! I loved the humor in this. :)

    I hear your pain. I've been scarce on my blog too--trying to wrap up the semester and plan a move halfway across the U.S. It's going to be an insane next four weeks. Godspeed to you, and actually, to both of us!

  2. Brilliant, simply brilliant, and hats off to your husband for being such a game fellow to have his photo looking so proud on your blog! Phew, good luck for the next few weeks........... x

  3. great save. I love the lego head - so cute in a manly way

  4. Looks great! Do come and share it at our linky party, which opens Wednesdays:

  5. Awesome post - I'm so going to use that website to do a Lego head of my Husband.....and maybe everyone else I know of!