Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Beans 'n' Bags

Having enjoyed appliqué so much with the doll quilt back, I decided to give it another go :) I used this tutorial from Sew Like My Mom to make personalised bean bags for a little boy. Here's the story in photos.

Picked a cool font (Agent Orange) and did some tracing

Picked out some fabrics (the Oxfam duvet cover comes in handy again!) and cut out the letters and bean bag squares

Got very excited sewing zig-zags again

Picked out some ribbon. It looks a bit like I've gone for an American theme; wasn't intentional!

Sewed the ribbons on...

... times 4

Filled the bean-bags with help from my handsome hubby

Slip-stitched the gap to finish, all done!

One rather cute set of bean bags :)

Close-up. Had to take a second shot since my first one showed up an appliqué mistake, woops

So there we go! I very much enjoyed making these, and it's nice to have found a sewing project that works for boys too rather than just girls. 

I gave the bean bags to the little boy at church one Sunday. He was so cute with them! He seemed to most enjoy the sound they made when they dropped on the floor, which was a little unfortunate for those holding him as they had to keep picking them up... Sorry guys! His big sister was very sweet in helping to pick them up :)

Bye for now!

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