Saturday, 19 May 2012

A Complete Set

With the doll quilt finished I began work on a little pillow and pillowcase to match, also inspired by the doll bedding tutorial. After a bit of OTT maths (if I want the pillow to be this big with this curvature...) I soon had a pillow :)

very satisfying when you end up with one pin of every colour :)

Next, the pillowcase. I decided to have a strip of another colour rather than two different-coloured sections. I also did a quick bit of embroidery to add a flower :) Quick tip for anyone thinking of taking up sewing: find a husband who can draw. This comes in very handy.

I love that you end up with a proper little pillowcase which you can take the pillow out of and put it back into. I think I would have found that fun as a child. But then I was the child who 'played with Duplo' by sorting the pieces by colour and shape...

And so, there you have it :) One completed doll bedding set.

Since I don't currently own any dolls, my dear friend Bones agreed to be the model!

Coming soon: another appliqué project for the recipient's little brother :)

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