Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pretty Pics While-U-Wait

Hi everyone! All of the sewing going on around here is rather secretive - I'm working on my text block and the wrapping paper quilt (which is about to be basted). But I do have some pictures which can be posted. Last week my hubby and I had a 'stay-cation' - we stayed in Bath but had time off work to do fun things. One of our day trips was to Ikea - love that shop! Amongst other things we picked up a bookcase and some bits and pieces for fabric storage. I haven't finished organising my fabric yet, but here are a few shots of it as it stands :)

At the moment one of the problems is a lack of card for making the mini 'bolts'. If any of my real-life friends are reading this and have any thick card, please send it my way :)

Also, ever wondered what 10,000 yards of thread looks like? Here it is!

It's nothing fancy - I've been fine so far with 'polyester covered polyester thread' (yup, that's really what it was called) so I thought I'd stock up. Only £8. I wonder how long it will last me?

Bye for now!


  1. Love that birdie fabric third from left--I've got a bit of that too! I'm pretty jealous that you have an Ikea near you-- when I'm in New York, the closest one is four hours away in Philadelphia, and when I'm in Nebraska, the closest one is seven hours away in Minneapolis! I got to stop at one outside of Detroit while driving this summer (and will again next month), but they happened to be remodeling and their fabric was off display! How is that for terrible timing? :)

    1. Ikea is pretty near to us (neighbouring city), but pretty tricky to get to without a car. As soon as we knew we were getting a car, the Ikea day trip was planned! Def bad luck with the timings, hope you get another chance to go soon :)