Monday, 9 July 2012

Still Running

To make the wedding present table runner I'm working on a little more special, I offered to add some embroidery to the back. I love personalising projects in this way - it makes them a bit more special than things you can buy in the shops. One day I'd quite like to get some 'Patchwork & Pins' labels printed to add to quilts I make. That's probably a fair way in the future though!

Anyway, here's how the embroidery turned out:

I'm pretty pleased with the result. For the first time I decided to use an actual font (traced from my laptop) rather than free-styling and I quite like the effect. It was less tricky that I thought it would be to add the little flicks onto letters. I used my new toy for the tracing - a blue quilter's pen whose ink disappears with cold water. I already can't imagine how I lived without it!

Below are a few more in-progress shots. The completed project should be popping up here before too long, along with some little extras I've been working on tonight :)

I'll be linking up to Fabric Tuesday and Work In Progress Wednesday when the appropriate days arrive :)


  1. I love those colors, and your embroidery is so tidy! Beautiful. :)