Thursday, 16 August 2012


Ribbitt, ribbitt croak ribbitt Edmund croak squelch ribbitt ribbitt. Emma's croak croaketty croak squelch (ribbitt croak-croak croak) squelch, croak ribbitt croak ribbitt squelch squelch. Croak, squelch ribbit croak croaketty ribbit, ribbitty ribbity croak squelch, croak croaketty croak squelch Thursday squelch croaketty croak squelch.

Hi, my name's Edmund and I'm a frog. Emma's been too busy with summer plans and secret sewing projects (with fast-approaching deadlines) to post here, so she asked me to step in. Now, I don't really know how to blog, us frogs are more into swimming really, so I'll just wish you a happy Thursday and leave it there.

Ribbit ribbit,

Much love,