Sunday, 23 September 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Hi all! It's been a week since I last posted, but believe me, that's not because of a lack of sewing going on over here. Far from it. In fact I seem to have projects coming out of my ears right now! Not literally, that would be gross.

Anyway, that makes it perfect timing for me to get involved in making lists. Kelsey is hosting the 100 Days Hustle, where we make lists of things we're hoping to get done before the end of 2012, and give them all a good go.

Kelsey Sews

Now unfortunately, as per usual, some of the things I'm working on are being done in secret. So here is my attempt to write a list of projects without making anything too clear. Ho hum.

1. Finish frog project
Plans made, fabric purchased, cutting mostly done, sewing needed.

2. Start and finish London project
Plans made, fabric purchased.

3. Start and finish Mouthy Stitches bag and keyfob
I have my partner now, woop woop! Busy making plans, and will hopefully make a practice bag soon. Really pleased with the person I've been given, it's going to be fun making for her :)

4. Pick out fabrics for a quilt for hubby and I
Hoping to manage this so I can ask for them for Christmas! Buying enough fabric for a double bed-sized quilt might be out of the question otherwise.

5. Maybe make some little things for people for Christmas
Emphasis on the maybe and the little, we'll see how this one goes :)

6. Make my Texting While Sewing block into a cushion
Just need to get over my fear of getting it wrong and give it a go!

I think that's it for now. There are a few more ideas brewing in my mind, but I'm going to try and be sensible and tell them to shush until 2013.

Since I don't like having a post without a picture, here's one of the reasons why I sew:

Isn't it cute? It's only about an inch and a half tall including the wire. Picked it up from a lovely little shop while away with Laurence for our third anniversary.

Also picked up this one:

Can I get an amen?


  1. Love the ornaments - very sweet!

    Looks like you have some fab projects planned!

  2. Amen, it says it all. Where can I get one? =)

  3. Sounds like a good list - good luck with it. I'm hoping the hustle will keep me accountable as I get through some UFOs.

  4. Aw that's why I sew/quilt!! Great list - thanks for joining in!

  5. Preach it, sister! Good luck getting your list done!