Sunday, 16 September 2012

Part 2

(part 1 here)
So, back to my wrapping paper quilt/Orla Kiely quilt/gender neutral quilt/lattice quilt/how many names does one quilt need quilt.

I left you questioning my sanity after admitting I used good old sohcahtoa (GCSE maths memories anyone?) to work out my fabric sizes.

With the edge triangle sizes sorted, the quilt top came together pretty easily :)

Lounge floor actually looks pretty neat here, considering this was taken during a sewing session!

Trying to avoid more ironing by hanging the sewn rows up

More rows appearing. Do any of my readers play strategy board games? That's Ticket To Ride on the right, good game.
On the bottom left is hubby Laurence's Biblical Greek book. His hobbies are rather more studious than mine! 
I fussy cut the sunkissed text fabric so that 'hope' and 'sunshine' were in the middle of the two full white blocks. 
It's such a lovely fabric :)

Nearly there!

I would apologise for the picture-heavy post, but hey, they're fairly pretty pictures!

Tune in next time for the completed quilt top, plus Orla's design on the back of the quilt :)

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