Tuesday, 18 December 2012

We did it!

We moved house 2 weeks before Christmas! With the help of friends and family we managed to move everything across here on Saturday. And amazingly, this place already feels a lot like home. This is mostly thanks to my hubby, who spent all of Monday unpacking our lounge. Wonderful man. Here's a corner of our new place during moving day:

And here it is now!

The rest of the house still needs work, but it's great to have some of it done already.

Surprisingly I've still found some time to sew. Late one night, a few days before we moved, I had a go at making a tissue holder after being inspired by this post. I followed this tutorial, and loved it! So simple to make, and yet it looks so professional. To my eyes anyway :) This was a gift for my lovely friend Kirsten.

I've also been working on another project, but it's another secret one so I'll tell you about it later.

Hope you're all well and looking forward to Christmas!

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