Thursday, 10 January 2013

Obi and Eli

Hi everyone! It's about time I showed you the finished quilts I made for my friends' twins Obadiah and Elijah. For those of you popping over from Finish It Up Friday or TGIFF (hi!) who haven't seen these quilts before, a group of friends joined me to make lots of little embroidered squares which I then turned into quilts :)

In my last post I told you about my nightmare quilting episodes. Thankfully after that, things were pretty straight forward. The only issue was timing - due to my imminent house move, I had to do all the hand-sewing on one of the quilts in one day! I know, I know, some people make an entire baby quilt in a weekend, but for me, 4 metres of hand-sewing in a day was an achievement.

So, here we go, finished pics :)

 The two quilts!

And the backs :)

 This one for Obi...

... and this one for Eli! Taken before the epic hand-sewing session

With my friends and I having spent so long on the embroideries, I hope you'll let me induldge in a few close-ups :)
Mum is musical, so this one's quite appropriate :)

Cute elephant by my friend Katie, and I loved sewing the rainbow!

Rocket and dinosaur, by Faye and Jenny, two of my faves :)

Edmund, Fab, pencil and bean

And an explosion, cos boys like those, right?

These quilts were lots of fun to make, and it was really great to get some friends involved! Now I just need to convince them that they want to learn to baste so I can give up on that part...

Anyway, happy Friday everyone!

All wrapped up and ready to give :)


  1. These quilts are gorgeous!!!! Well done you :) x

  2. I love the good old Bible names! Cute quilts

  3. Love how you made the quilts so similar but with little tweaks to be different!

  4. Great quilts, Nd the embroidery work is beautiful!

  5. Super cute little quilts! I love the embroidery!

  6. The embroidery is delicious! Nice job!

  7. These are adorable! Love that embroidery!

  8. Those are beautiful. I really love the colors and your needle handiwork. Just lovely! Good job!

  9. They are both just so gorgeous!

  10. fantastic quilts! I love the explosion :)

  11. The blocks look very small; could you find embroidery hoops small enough? Adorable quilts.

  12. Great work! Very cool to have got some friends to help with the stitching, makes the quilts such a personal and thoughtful gift. I love the colours too!

  13. So cute emma! I'm sure they'll love them :)