Tuesday, 19 February 2013

A little progress

I'm working on two projects at once at the moment, which is quite unusual for me! I'm normally a one project gal. But here's what's going on at the moment :)

Christmas Quilt

I made my first block! It's so pretty. Completely in love with the fabrics.

Mushroom Houses

While my hubby and mother in law were tiling our bathroom (thanks guys!), I did a lot of cutting:

And I've since been sewing the pieces into rows:

I also took the slightly-too-girly houses fabric:

And carefully pieced it to create a nice clean line :) I was really pleased with how this worked out.

Hope you're all well :)


  1. What a pretty Christmas block! Are you planning different styles of block or all the same?

  2. I love your block and those mushrooms are really cute :)

  3. well done on the fussy cutting - looks great

  4. Oooh - lots of cuteness. Love what you have done with those dinky little houses.