Saturday, 9 March 2013

Houses under Construction

Hi all :) Wow, it's been ages since I last blogged. I don't know if it's the miserable weather or what, but recently I've been so tired all the time I've only just had enough energy to manage work and watching TV, so sewing and blogging have taken a bit of a back seat! But I have been slowly progressing, so here's where I'm up to :)

The Mushroom Houses quilt is coming together nicely. I completed the top a little while ago, and last night I started work on the back. Here's the front:

And here's the progress on the back so far:

Rubbish photo, sorry!

The back was inspired by the back of Juliet's Tilda quilt. A very lovely and very inspirational lady :)

So here's my dilemma - how should I quilt it? Free motion quilting is probably out as I've never really done it before, but never say never. I quite like the idea of getting some colour involved as the front is very white (maybe outlining each square in perle?), but the colours are quite awkward (fairly muddy shades) so finding matching thread could be tricky and I'm on a budget. As far as patterns go I'm a bit stumped - nothing's feeling uber inspiring at the moment. So, what would you do? I'll be linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday when it comes around to see if anyone has any ideas!

Hope you're all well, bye for now!


  1. It's very cute and I love a pieced back.

  2. This is gorgeous! My go to quilting is straight lines in the background colour. I find the the thread virtually disappears but you get that nice guilty texture. But I think hand quilting would be lovely if you have time. A single thread colour the same as the green backing might work well as that goes perfectly with all the other colours. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone suggests :)

  3. Well, I say give FMQ a try! The squiggly stipple or some fun loops aren't too difficult--get a practice sandwich and give it a whirl! Just doing the white areas would be really fun and would highlight the colored squares/strips even more.

    However, if you do straight line, I think you've got a nice grid to work with. You can always follow the rows of blocks and strips with a quarter inch or half inch off of the colored squares/strips. That makes it nice and easy to line up. Another idea is to do wavy lines (just wing it, it looks cool that way) pretty close together horizontally across the quilt. You could just do it in the white areas and that would look neat.

  4. such a great top. you could echo the roof line and do zig zags?