Friday, 15 March 2013


Hi again :) I completely forgot to link up on Wednesday after all. Woops. But thanks to everyone who read anyway and gave me ideas RE quilting. Lots to think about!

The quilt back is currently sitting on the back of a chair in our louge, staring at me. It's staring at me because (a) I need to figure out the ratio of green-on-the-left to green-on-the-right and I'm nervous about getting it wrong and (b) it knows it's soon time for basting and I'm scared. I'm going to have to face up to my fears soon. Mean quilt reminding me about this!

Intimidating, isn't it?

Anyway, while I put off the inevitable, here are a couple of things I realised I hadn't shown you. First up, I've been organising my fabric!

This is a very old photo, taken at my old house! Unfortunately this isn't the whole picture - there's also a basket full of mess fabric which still needs organising to work on. All in good time. This photo also shows me that I really don't need any more blue or pink fabric. For some reason I'm always drawn to blue fabrics, even though it isn't even slightly my favourite colour. Weird, huh?

Another thing to show you is I found a good use for fabric scraps :)

Hoping my family like the bunting cards, cos they're lots of fun to make!

Anyway, enjoy your weekends (I have a day off today so mine's started early, win!), and I'll see you soon :)


  1. Such cute cards! What a genius idea!

  2. Those cards are so cute. I hope you get inspiration for the quilt soon - it's the quilting that always makes me feel nervous as I worry that if I get it 'wrong' it will ruin all my hard work. I love the colours, it's so bright and fresh x

  3. Oooo I love the cards! Great job!