Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Quilting Round in Circles

Hi all :)

A little while back I asked for thoughts RE quilting this baby:

People suggested lots of great ideas, but I was still quite stuck! Finally I decided to go a bit out of the box - and quilt it in circles. Yup, circles. So with the help of a side plate and a vase I mimicked the pattern in the mushrooms-in-circles pattern. Ta-da!

I practised free motioning circles to see if that would work but although my skills are definitely improving - I reckon I can manage a passable free motion squiggle now - my circles weren't up to scratch, so I used my normal machine foot. And it was really good fun!

My stitch lengths aren't the most consistent thing in the world, but (a) they're pretty good and (b) I'm pretty sure the baby won't notice. The only downside about this style of quilting was the amount of knots I had to hand-tie and bury. It took ages! Lots of time crawling round on my hands and knees tying them and then trying to bury them securely. I think it was worth it, although I might not be in a rush to do it again.

The best thing about the quilting is how cool it makes the back look:

It really adds some interest to the otherwise plain green back :)

It shouldn't be too long now till I'm showing you the completed quilt, woop woop!

I'm linking up to Work in Progress Wednesday.


  1. That is really adorable! :)

  2. Very nice! I love the circles.

  3. Well done! Your reward for all that hard work (I have buried lots of knots in my time too) is a beautiful quilt to be very proud of :)

  4. You did a great job : ) love the circles

  5. Love the circles! They do add a lot of character to the whole quilt.

  6. You've done a great job! Cute little prints too.

  7. Hi there! Super cute! I love that row of fabric. I have some fabric perfect for that. I really love the pin graphic on your blog, too.